Systems of Training



Teaching Resources


Do you have new teachers this year that need to learn the ATOD Systems of Training? Are you implementing a new genre into your timetable this year?


Don’t forget ATOD has all the teaching resources you will need. Our online platform, ATOD@work, provides easy access to the videos, music tracks and teachers notes all in one easy to access web platform and is exceptional value for money.


You can tailor your package to suit your individual studio needs. For example, if you are only teaching Classical Ballet and Jazz Moves in your studio then you can choose to pay for access to those genre only for as little as $40 per month ($20 per genre). However, if you teach more styles then you should consider choosing to pay for the full suite for $50 per month.


Furthermore, if you want to save even more, you can choose to pay quarterly and receive a 10% discount and by paying yearly you receive a 20% discount. Bottom line is that for as little as $480 per year your studio has all the ATOD teaching resources at your fingertips.


Click on to start your online teaching journey!


For those of you that still prefer to have the physical resources in your hands, these are still available for purchase through the online store in the members section of the ATOD website


Student Resources


Don’t forget to remind your students about the ATOD@home app that provides students with access to all the videos for their exam work. This is available for download in both Apple and Android versions from the App Stores.


Students have access to the Systems of Training videos which are a great tool for dance students to reinforce what they are learning in class. This gives them the confidence that they need when exam time comes around. There are some great advertising resources in the members section of the website that you can use to promote the app within your studio community.