Hip Hop / Street Dance

Hip Hop is a unique and exciting style of street dance that has taken the dance culture by storm. Whilst it originated as informal street dance it has further evolved onto the stage and screen and into an audience favourite. Hip Hop can be found in dance studios of all kinds, teaching its unique and energetic compilation of movements to young and old.

The Hip Hop System of Training


This exciting and innovative approach to Hip Hop encourages individuality, style and improvisation.  The programme allows teachers and students the freedom for personal interpretation of the movements as they progress systematically whilst building strength, energy and dynamics.


It includes 12 levels and is structured to introduce students from six to seven years of age to Hip Hop with a thematic approach in the first two levels.  There is a focus on correct technique, including body placement and alignment, together with the need for individuality and personal style.


This programme will continually evolve to keep abreast of the changing culture that is Hip Hop.


The System of Training includes:

  • extensive teaching notes and an accompanying DVD and CD.  The DVD includes ground breaking voiceovers and a breakdown of the steps to instruct teachers and students in the correct execution of the work.
  • a comprehensive warm-up, stretches and isolations which encourages individuality, style and improvisation.

 The programme is designed to technically develop students to reach their full potential whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level.

With Street, I enjoy how often it is fast-paced and high in energy.  I love the powerfulness and sharpness of movement.


Love the four principles of Hip Hop – Peace! Love! Unity! Having Fun!


Hip Hop Dance generates a different level of fun and creativity






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