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At Australian Teachers of Dancing we are teaching the world to dance, one student at a time!  Our aim is to bring together people who share a passion for dance, providing them with excellent opportunities to grow as individuals, as studio owners and teachers, as student teachers, as dancers of all levels and ages and as a globally connected dance organisation.


As Australia’s largest membership based dance organisation, we have over 30 years experience educating and supporting our dance teachers who teach in excess of 50,000 students from two years of age through to adulthood. In addition, nearly 100,000 parents are also heavily involved with their children in dance and consistently support our Systems of Training, programmes and events.


Our members play a vital role in inspiring young dancers around the world.  They provide expert dance instruction and create genuine relationships with their students, developing their confidence and inspiring them to be creative, daring and expressive performers.  Students learn in professional studios that offer comfortable, friendly environments ideal for learning and personal development.


Indeed, teachers tell us that one of the most rewarding parts of teaching dance is the opportunity to engage with these young people, touch their lives and make a difference.  


We also understand the passion of those wishing to reach their dance teaching and performance aspirations. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO31624), we offer nationally recognised dance training courses and encourage our student teachers to dream big and reach their full potential as they obtain their professional qualifications and enjoy outstanding dance experiences.


We provide a supportive and creative environment for our members by educating, inspiring and motivating them.


We educate, enabling them to learn new skills and apply these experiences, throughout our variety of programmes, conventions, teaching days, podcasts and webinars.  


We inspire, fostering an environment where artistic minds come together and generate creative ideas, goals and clarity of purpose around what they will deliver as dance teachers.


We motivate, by supporting our members and each other as we work together as a community to remind ourselves of what we do and why we do it each day.   


These are the reasons why we work so hard in pursuit of all things dance and why those who love us support us unreservedly on our journey through dance.


Mission Statement

ATOD are Leaders in dance education. With the highest integrity we deliver quality, innovative training systems and services. We inspire and provide opportunities for our dance community to achieve their full artistic potential.


Vision Statement
Promote and manage growth and strategic change in a systematic manner for the organisation.


Remain a leader in the dance industry through developing a culture based on continuous improvement in Systems of Training content and implementation, teaching practice and ongoing professional development.


Continue to increase the profile of ATOD within the industry as an organisation that delivers quality Systems of Training with a high technical standard, ensuring accountability of professional ethics and standards, reputation and technical excellence.


Encourage life-long learning at all levels of the organisation by acknowledging and rewarding excellence in all aspects of the dance industry and provide performance and leadership opportunities.


Through a collaborative approach, foster a commitment to a common goal by inspiring passion and sharing knowledge between all stakeholders within the organisation and broader dance community.

Dance brings people together and provides them with a sense of community with people that have the same interests and passion. 



Phone Numbers:

1800 106 227 (if calling within Australia)
+61 7 32002198 (if calling from overseas or mobile)



Company Secretary: secretary@atod.net.au

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