Classical Ballet

Ballet has always been an art form which includes a number of chorographic moves designed to make an artistic expression through dance. Classical Ballet is the most formal style of Ballet dance and this genre speaks with fluid moves and artistic expression that both dancers and audiences enjoy experiencing and watching.

The ATOD Classical Ballet System of Training


This System of Training provides students with creative, progressive and comprehensive training in this beautiful art form. The programme includes 12 levels and a performance award, and each level progresses systematically in order to build strength and artistry.


The System of Training includes:

  • extensive teaching notes on the technical aspects of each exercise (including the theory of each step) and an accompanying DVD as a teaching aid.
  • an anatomical approach to explaining the required technique, including a  glossary and index of anatomical terms. 

This programme is designed to technically develop students to reach their full potential, whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level.



With Ballet, I love how my movements fill the music, making me feel strong and graceful, and moving with pose and precision.


Ballet is beautiful because of the grace, strength, endurance and talent of the dancers. 


Ballet is like sport – only harder


 Without Ballet, what’s the Pointe?


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