Hip Hop / Street Dance

A.T.O.D. are proud to release this exciting and innovative approach to introducing hip hop to your students. Our DVD’s include groundbreaking voice overs and breakdown of the steps to instruct teachers and students in the correct execution of the work. Grow your business now by introducing this popular genre into your schools. There is a focus on correct technique including body placement and alignment together with the need for individuality and personal style in the execution of the work. This is Street Dance at its best.

The Syllabus:

  • includes Levels 1 – 12 and is structured to introduce students from 6/7 years of age to hip hop with a thematic approach in the first 2 levels
  • incorporates, but is not limited to, a comprehensive warm-up, stretches and isolations
  • encourages individuality, style and improvisation throughout
  • allows teachers and students the freedom for personal interpretation of the movements
  • progresses systematically and builds strength, energy and dynamics
  • is designed to technically develop students to reach their full potential whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level
  • will enhance individual creativity with student choreography and improvisation included throughout
  • will continually evolve with regular updates to keep abreast of the changing culture that is hip hop.

This Hip Hop syllabus was created by the ATOD Hip Hop Core Committee. This committee includes well known Teachers and Examiners of A.T.O.D. The Committee commissioned Etienne Khoo and Shane Clarke, Directors of Dance Virus Productions to assist in its creation. Both Etienne and Shane have worked professionally in the Hip Hop Industry both in Australia and overseas. The introductory levels were developed by Bonnie Bourke and Shana Dwyer, Hip Hop Teachers, QLD.

A.T.O.D. are proud to release this exciting and innovative approach to Hip Hop and would like to invite you to GET ON BOARD!!