Member Teacher - $155.00

On passing the Member Teacher Diploma, (see requirements for Member Teacher Diploma Examinations) the candidate will be eligible to join as a Member Teacher of ATOD and will receive, with the Member Teacher Diploma Certificate, a membership subscription form.

What do Member Teachers receive for their membership?

  • Membership Card
  • Certificate confriming Financial Membership
  • The ability to enter students for examinations, competitions and scholarships at all levels
  • The ability to attend State meetings, vote at State level, hold office at State level and participate as a member on sub committees.
  • The ability to nominate or be nominated for the National Board of Directors and may vote at the National level only if that Associate Teacher is a resident or citizen of Australia
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • 20% discount to all ticketed events on display of membership card not transferrable
  • A comprehensive ATOD Teachers manual