Q: What is the cost involved to complete the Elementary/Gold Bar/Level 10 and how is this organised?
A: Cost is $85.00. It is taken on a teachers usual studio exam day. If student’s teacher is not putting through that grade or doesn’t have time on her own day…it can be done through another studio.

Q: If I haven’t 100% completed my Gold Bar can I start the Teacher’s Course or must I wait and complete this before enrolling?
A: The Gold Bar examination must be passed prior to completion of the Teacher’s course.

Q: If for some reason I can’t complete the Gold Bar examination before the Teacher’s course is complete what happens then?
A: If you have completed all areas of the Teachers Course then you will still receive that without doing your final practical associate. An Associate Membership can be taken up until this exam is completed to then allow for the Associate membership to be arranged.

Q: I am working on the part of my course that requires me to instruct a class and video it for submission. I understand the class must contain ATOD syllabus work. How do I access the syllabus if I don’t currently use it in my class?
A: This can be downloaded from the Members area of this website.