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ATOD National Championships 2023

July 21, 2023 - July 23, 2023

ATOD National Championships


New South Wales 2023

21-23 July 2023

Bankstown Sports Club


8 Greenfield Parade

Bankstown NSW



Welcome to the 30th Annual ATOD NATIONAL Competition hosted by New South Wales.

The information contained in this document is very important to all students participating in this year’s ATOD NATIONAL Championships. Please read all the information carefully and if you have any further questions please check with your teacher/studio first and they will then make enquiries should they need further information.


We look forward to seeing you in Sydney.


Yours sincerely 

ATOD NATIONAL Championship Committee



ATOD are thrilled to be hosting the 2023 National Championships on the 21st Р23rd July. Come and support these beautiful dancers who have worked so hard to qualify at this level. We can’t wait to see you there.

Scan the QR code below or click the button below to purchase tickets.





Theatre Timetable


7.45am-10.30am Mini Tap (8) 7.45am 8.25am
Mini Jazz (10) 8.25am 9.05am
Mini Hip Hop (4) 9.10am 9.30am
Mini Ballet (12) 9.30am 10.30am
10.45am-2.20pm Sub-Junior Tap (12) 10.45am 11.35pm
Junior Tap (13) 11.40pm 12.35pm
Inter Tap (12) 12.40pm 1.30pm
Senior Tap (12) 1.30pm 2.20pm
2.30pm-6.15pm Sub-Junior Jazz (13) 2.30pm 3.25pm
Junior Jazz (13) 3.30pm 4.25pm
Inter Jazz (12) 4.30pm 5.20pm
Senior Jazz (13) 5.25pm 6.15pm
6.30pm-8.55pm Junior Contemp (10) 6.30pm 7.15pm
Inter Contemp (12) 7.20pm 8.10pm
Senior Contemp (9) 8.15pm 8.55pm


8.30am-12.00pm Sub-Junior Hip Hop (12) 8.30am 9.20am
Junior Hip Hop (9) 9.25am 10.05am
Inter Hip Hop (11) 10.10am 11.00am
Senior Hip Hop (12) 11.05am 11.45pm
11.50-12.00 Awards
12.30pm-4.15pm Sub-Junior Ballet (12) 12.30pm 1.20pm
Junior Ballet (12) 1.25pm 2.15pm
Inter Ballet (12) 2.20pm 3.15pm
Senior Ballet (10) 3.20pm 4.15pm

Class Timetable

  Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Location 2

Dorothy Cowie School of Dancing.

2A Fitzroy Street, Croydon


DC Academy

The Strand

4 -6 The Strand Croydon

Dorothy Cowie School of Dancing.

Shop 52A Burwood plaza on Railway Parade, Burwood

8.00-9.00 Senior Tap Inter Ballet      
9.10-10.10 Senior Hip Hop Junior Ballet Sub Jazz    
10.20-11.20 Inter Hip Hop Senior Ballet Junior Contemp    
11.30-12.30 Sub Tap Junior Hip Hop Inter Contemp    
12.40-1.40 Junior Tap Sub Ballet Inter Jazz 12:45 -1:30 Mini Hip Hop
1.50-2.50   Senior Contemp Junior Jazz 1:40 Р2:25 Mini Ballet
3.00-4.00 Inter Tap Sub Hip-Hop Senior Jazz 2:35 – 3:20 Mini Tap
        3:30 Р4:15 Mini Jazz


Competitor’s Numbers

1 Georgia Swaby QLD
2 Amelia Petersen QLD
3 Ariana Gunawan NSW
4 Alannah Hall VIC
5 Charlotte Celere QLD
6 Penelope Alexander VIC
7 Charlotte Hindley QLD
8 Catalina Richetti  
1 Penelope Chan NSW
2 Abigail West QLD
3 Isabella Cuomo NSW
4 Elena Flanagan QLD
5 Levi Oliver VIC
6 Arya Reddy NSW
7 Georgia Swaby QLD
8 Amelia Petersen QLD
9 Ariana Gunawan NSW
10 Alannah Hall VIC
1 Charlotte Hindley QLD
2 Charlotte Celere QLD
3 Sienna Bennett QLD
4 Elena Flanagan QLD
1 Tahlia De Luca VIC
2 Paige Hawkins NSW
3 Amelia Petersen QLD
4 Caitlin Hunt NSW
5 Milla Alesi VIC
6 Maya Stevenson NSW
7 Heyer Davidson QLD
8 Isabella Cuomo NSW
9 Isla Benbow VIC
10 Levi Oliver VIC
11 Elena Flanagan QLD
12 Sienna Bennett QLD
1 Lilyanna Cerqueira NSW
2 Hope McDonald QLD
3 Jarrod Rusmanis VIC
4 Una Quinn NSW
5 McKenzie Clackett WA
6 Amber Roberts VIC
7 Isabelle Marteau NSW
8 Summer Mulheran QLD
9 Mia O’Neill VIC
10 Mia Farnell QLD
11 Ruby Hawkins QLD
12 Olivia Coombe VIC
1 Sophie Koina QLD
2 Grace Rampant VIC
3 Sienna DelToro WA
4 Amelia Marteau NSW
5 Andy-Maree Jacobsen QLD
6 Olivia Davidson VIC
7 Audrey Kearney NSW
8 Jake-William Power QLD
9 Wynnie Ang VIC
10 Alannah Quinn NSW
11 Sarah Pountney QLD
12 Abigail Winsall VIC
13 Georgia Rhall NSW
1 Anastasia Fokas NSW
2 Lucy Barnes QLD
3 Celeste Rusmanis VIC
4 Ciara Martin NSW
5 Adison Hindley QLD
6 Emma Billing VIC
7 Madison Khoury NSW
8 Lucas Guerrini QLD
9 Maddison Rodger VIC
10 Mims Clarke NSW
11 Hannah McGhee QLD
12 Isabelle Nicoli VIC
1 Bella Vohs VIC
2 Maddy D’Rozario QLD
3 Sienna Vongdara NSW
4 Ayesha Azad VIC
5 Elly Dewar QLD
6 Isabella Khoury NSW
7 Cari Weybury VIC
8 Charlotte West QLD
9 Amelia Waters NSW
10 Tessa Armstrong VIC
11 Kirra Howlett QLD
12 Natalia Costis Halkidas NSW
1 Liberty Batman NSW
2 Mia Farnell QLD
3 Lucy Greaves VIC
4 Ruby Hawkins QLD
5 Summer Mulheran QLD
6 Sophie Arnold VIC
7 Florence King NSW
8 Francesca Yun’Yi NSW
9 Sophie Grinsted VIC
10 Isabelle Marteau NSW
11 Georgia Agius QLD
12 Mckenzie Clackett WA
13 Billie Hayes VIC
1 Grace Rampant VIC
2 Amelia Marteau NSW
3 Demi Tzaneros QLD
4 Celeste Rusmanis VIC
5 Jasmine Logue NSW
6 Jasmine McNamara QLD
7 Sienna Del toro WA
8 Tahnee Tsifridis VIC
9 Georgia Rhall NSW
10 Mia Schenke QLD
11 Alix Dowie VIC
12 Lynn Kim NSW
13 Sirlene Wong QLD
1 Hermione Triantafilidis VIC
2 Madison Khoury NSW
3 Adison Hindley QLD
4 Malaika Geerdharry VIC
5 Isabella Khoury NSW
6 Ashlee Cooper QLD
7 Braya Jade Hanssen VIC
8 Ciara Martin NSW
9 Eliza Carrett QLD
10 Grace Grosso VIC
11 Nicole Saab NSW
12 Kayla Risson QLD
1 Kirra Howlett QLD
2 Lily Grinsted VIC
3 Sienna Vondara NSW
4 Madison Stansby QLD
5 Bella Vohs VIC
6 Stella Vardanega NSW
7 Isla McPate QLD
8 Jada Rose WA
9 Amelia Kiose VIC
10 Isabella Allsopp NSW
11 Charlotte West QLD
12 Cari Weybury VIC
13 Domenique Bucceri NSW
1 Mia Schenke QLD
2 Lynn Kim NSW
3 Jemma Boland QLD
4 Tahnee Tsifridis VIC
5 Charlotte Reavell NSW
6 Ishani Wahegaonkar QLD
7 Amelia Marteau NSW
8 Alix Dowie VIC
9 Georgia Rhall NSW
10 Lilly Lennon QLD
1 Braya Jade Hanssen VIC
2 Kayla Risson QLD
3 Stella Vardanega NSW
4 Emma Billing VIC
5 Jorja Rasmussen QLD
6 Madison Khoury NSW
7 Eleanor Grinsted VIC
8 Adison Hindley QLD
9 Mischa Warwick NSW
10 Lily Grinsted VIC
11 Isla McPate QLD
12 Ciara Martin NSW
1 Isabella Allsopp NSW
2 Asha Ferguson QLD
3 Natalia Costis-Haikids NSW
4 Molly Hawkins QLD
5 Amelia Kiose VIC
6 Sienna Vongdara NSW
7 Kirra Howlett QLD
8 Dominique Bucceri NSW
9 Madison Stansby QLD
1 Natalia Mejia Beltran NSW
2 Sophie Arnold VIC
3 Olivia Tillman QLD
4 Adela Paisley NSW
5 Jarrod Rusmanis VIC
6 Halle Muir QLD
7 Georgia Rhall NSW
8 Billie Hayes VIC
9 Summer Mulheran QLD
10 Lilyanna Cerqueira NSW
11 Madeleine Dance VIC
12 Verity Lightfoot QLD
1 Lily Rose Leibrandt NSW
2 Jake-William Power QLD
3 Lynn Kim NSW
4 Demi Tzaneros QLD
5 Celeste Rusmanis VIC
6 Kyla Cook QLD
7 Sienna Stojkovic NSW
8 Ciari Tafolo QLD
9 Serena Moretti NSW
1 Sarina Azad VIC
2 Abbey Hipwell QLD
3 Madison Khoury NSW
4 Chelsea Armstrong VIC
5 Charlotte Sloan QLD
6 Nicole Saab NSW
7 Emily Tsetsonis VIC
8 Charlize Clarke QLD
9 Alyssa Ingram NSW
10 Alexandra Perfect VIC
11 Isabella Khoury NSW
1 Olivia Barnes QLD
2 Amelia Waters NSW
3 Emma Billing VIC
4 Charlotte West QLD
5 Stella Vardanaega NSW
6 Jack Harris VIC
7 Taylor Osborne QLD
8 Georgia Grant NSW
9 Erica Kitney VIC
10 Adison Hindley QLD
11 Sienna Vongdara NSW
12 Tessa Armstrong VIC
1 Amelia Collins VIC
2 Liberty Batman NSW
3 Ruby Hawkins QLD
4 Lucy Greaves VIC
5 Enrico Cuomo NSW
6 Ella Reynolds QLD
7 Sophie Grinsted VIC
8 Airlie Kearns NSW
9 Georgia Swaby QLD
10 Georgia Priddle VIC
11 Florence King NSW
12 Summer Mulheran QLD
1 Ishani Wahegaonkar QLD
2 Amelia Marteau NSW
3 Tahnee Tsifridis VIC
4 Jemma Boland QLD
5 Sophie Kearney NSW
6 Kayla Matar VIC
7 Ruby Dahl QLD
8 Saavni Rabade NSW
9 Makayla Colarusso VIC
10 Mia Schenke QLD
11 Georgia Rhall NSW
12 Lily Booker VIC
1 Ciara Martin NSW
2 Adison Hindley QLD
3 Eleanor Grinsted VIC
4 Mischa Warwick NSW
5 Eliza Carrett QLD
6 Lucy Reid VIC
7 Charli Husken NSW
8 Isla McPate QLD
9 Krychel Teng VIC
10 Meg Harley NSW
11 Emma Bruce QLD
12 Lily Grinsted VIC
1 Jayla Balcombe VIC
2 Coco Suossaari QLD
3 Suzie Mammone NSW
4 Emmanuela Lettas VIC
5 Chanelle Young QLD
6 Amelia Kiose VIC
7 Asha Ferguson QLD
8 Hannah Sluyter NSW
9 Ashlee Cooper QLD
10 Erica Kitney VIC


ATOD NATIONAL Competition – New South Wales 2023


DATE: Classes: Friday 21st July. Performances: Saturday 22nd  & Sunday 23rd July 2023


VENUE: Bankstown Sports Club. 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW


LOCATION: 25 minutes from Sydney Airport.


CLASSES: Dorothy Cowie School of Dancing. 2a Fitzroy Street, Croydon

4-6 The Strand, Croydon. Burwood Plaza on Railway Parade, Shop 52a Burwood



There is accommodation within the surrounding area of the Theatre. We recommend The Mercure Sydney Bankstown. If you would like to take advantage of a this special offer, see below information:

The booking codes are as follows:

‚óŹ 2307AUSTRA_002 ‚Äď For Bed and Breakfast

‚óŹ 2307AUSTRA_001 ‚Äď For Room Only

To make a booking, guests can contact (please mention the discount code and the name of the hotel) the reservations team via e-mail on or by calling 02 7255 2355 to process your booking.

Operating hours are 0800 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. (Mon to Fri), 0800 Hrs. to 1600 Hrs. (Sat) & closed on Sundays.

Terms and conditions:

  • Room Only Rate: AU$189 per room per night (Inclusive of Taxes) – Standard Rooms Only
  • Bed & Breakfast (Single Occupancy): AU$211 per room per night (Inclusive of Taxes) – Standard Rooms Only
  • Bed & Breakfast (Double Occupancy): AU$233 per room per night (Inclusive of Taxes) – Standard Rooms Only
  • Please note the discount is not redeemable online.
  • Stay dates are from 20th July 2023 (Check in) to 23rd July 2023(Check out)
  • The discount will be available up until COB, 30th June 2023 or until sold out prior.
  • All reservations require credit card as guarantee at time of booking.
  • Cancellations made within 72 hours prior will incur penalty equal to 1 nights‚Äô accommodation

CLASSES: Unseen competition classes will be held at Dorothy Cowie School of Dancing. Please note that there is very limited car parking.


PERFORMANCE: Performances will run over Saturday and Sunday and conclude no later than 6:00pm on Sunday 23rd July.


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT:¬†Should you wish to bring electrical equipment like hair dryers, hair¬†straighteners etc. to the theatre they will need to be ‚ÄúTagged and Tested‚ÄĚ.¬†Anything electrical that is not tagged will not be allowed to be used at the¬†performance venue. (This is a condition of hire from the theatre)


SOUND: To assist with a smooth running event we will be using Music Uploads. Studio owners will be sent the details for this.


COPYRIGHT: The Law of Copyright applies to all competitions and eisteddfods. It is the teachers’ responsibility to adhere to the Act.


PHOTOGRAPHY: BWP Studios will be the official photographer present at all performances.

Photographs are fully edited and are digital only. Access is available via direct login.


VIDEO:¬†All Competitors will have their own performances recorded by the official videographer ‚Äď BWP Studios.

NB: No video cameras or photography is permitted in the Theatre


FOOD AND DRINK: Available at Bankstown Sports Club


TICKETS:¬†Tickets will be on sale from the 30th June 2023. We will post a link for purchasing tickets on our Facebook page ‚ÄúThe Australian Teachers of Dancing‚ÄĚ and on the ATOD Website along with details for classes etc. Seating is general admission. You will not be able to purchase tickets from a box office.


Competitors will be issued with a Competitors pass.


Session Tickets Standard Financial Members
Adult $25.00 $20
Concession $20.00 NA
Child (1.5- 15 years) $15.00 NA
Weekend Pass Standard Financial Members
Adult $85.00 $68
Concession $70.00 NA
Child (1.5- 15 years) $55.00 NA

ATOD Financial Member 20% discount 


MERCHANDISE: Official Event apparel will be available in a range of sizes, these will be available from the classes on the Friday (2a Fitzroy St Croydon). Eftpos is the only method of payment available. Limited stock available.


PROGRAMMES: Official Event Program will be available from the classes on the Friday. Eftpos is the only method of payment available. Limited stock available.


CLASS TIMETABLE: Classes will commence approximately 8.00am on Friday 21st July. Once all entries have been received a final schedule will be produced and details made available to teachers and parents on the ATOD website.


NATIONALS ENTRY FORMS: You will need to obtain your Nationals entry form from your studio teacher. The closing date for all Nationals entry forms is the 20th June 2023. Please remember that late entries will only be taken up to 2 business days after the closing date and will incur a $100 per entry late fee. Entries must be collated and forwarded by the Studio Teacher with ONE payment per studio.

Entry forms are to be emailed to ATOD Nationals Committee,
Please ensure that all entries are complete and correct.


SIDE STAGE: Closed in footwear must be worn in the back stage area at all times. This is an OH&S rule of the Theatre. Students are allowed to dance with bare feet on stage but are required to wear shoes when moving around back stage area.


BACK STAGE/DRESSING ROOMS:¬†Competitors are only allowed one Carer in the Dressing Room. Please download and complete the ‚ÄúBack Stage Access‚ÄĚ form to ensure access is granted. This form MUST be completed by parent/carer who will accompany the competitor otherwise access will not be granted.
*Note to Studio Teachers and Owners: Please also complete this form to ensure you have access.

Due to stringent OH&S and Child Safety Regulations, unidentified Adults are not allowed in the backstage/dressing room areas. This includes but is not limited to ‚Äď assisting in carrying required costumes/ props to dressing rooms, assisting students to dress, prop placement. 1 person per student is allowed, however these persons must be listed prior to the event. Access will only be granted to those who return the completed form.


Please complete this form by 27/6/23:


July 21, 2023
July 23, 2023