ATOD Report Writer Updates

Updated 25/09/2019

The 2019 syllabus updates for report writer are ready for download here.

This Update includes:

  • Revised Level 8 Contemporary (fixed 2 fields)

To use this update

  1. Close Report Writer Program
  2. Open file explorer on your PC and browse to C:\ATOD\ReportWriterV3\
  3. Rename the existing ATODDataInch.accdb file to ATODDataInch2019c.accdb
  4. Unzip the downloaded file from here into the folder, or unzip in another location and copy ATODDataInch.accdb into C:\ATOD\ReportWriterV3
  5. Check file had not been renamed by your computer when unzipped, the file name should be ATODDataInch.accdb Rename if file name is not the same as this.
  6. Open Report Writer