Street Beat

Levels 1 – 6

This tap system of training has been enhanced by the addition of street beat tap levels 1 – 6, which include warm ups, canons, cross rhythms, freaky feet combos, corner work, use of props and various combos. This is industrial hoofing at its best. Designed to enhance and complete your students training, it will add a fresh approach to class structure as well as expanding teachers’ knowledge and creativity. Hoofing takes tap back to its roots. It is all about rhythms – measurements of sound and silence – in hoofing there is no limitation on what can be done. Be percussive and make music with your feet!

The Syllabus:

  • progresses systematically
  • includes syncopations and A capella tapping
  • is designed to teach students musicality and unison
  • includes comprehensive teaching notes on the technical aspects and attributes of each exercise and step
  • contains comprehensive notes on the various elements of tap, including, but not limited to, the care and maintenance of shoes, the types of tap plates available and the various ways to apply tap plates
  • is structured so that students present their work in pairs or groups – helping to develop unison when tapping and encourage interaction with one another during each combo
  • includes and accompanying DVD with voice over instruction as a teaching aid

TIME TO MAKE SOME NOISE! Learn how to perform in cross rhythms, canons, syncopation and MUCH more.