Pre-School Ballet, Jazz & Tap


ATOD have for many years had Dance Assessment 1 & 2 available for teachers specifically to introduce dance and movement to pre-schoolers. This work has proved so successful both in Australia and overseas that we have now expanded the work for introduction to the local and overseas market in 2006. We are very proud to advise that we now have 6 levels available – 2 levels based on tap, 2 levels based on classical ballet and 2 levels based on jazz.

The aim of the syllabi is to introduce small children to the magic and fun of mime, music and dance. The syllabi include activities that will enable the children to explore space, to develop musicality and to improve co-ordination in the desired genre chosen.

Some benefits of this program include, but are not limited to, the development of listening and social skills; improvement of fine and gross motor skills and the development of self expression.

The work has been written and prepared by Examiners of ATOD with many years teaching experience and with highly regarded teaching diplomas and qualifications to their names.

In the assessment the children are assessed on participation and involvement in the lesson. The children are not assessed on dance technique, ability or timing.

The teacher enters the exam room with the children, arranges them into their starting positions and takes the class as he/she normally would. The children are introduced to their special guest (the Examiner) who in turn welcomes them and asks them their names. The teacher may assist in the checking of each student’s name. All children will have a corresponding number on both the front and back of their school uniform to enable the Examiner to follow their movements throughout the class.

Participating in an assessment has numerous benefits. It enables parents and teachers to build confidence in the children by telling them how wonderful they are and how proud you are of them – they also receive a certificate and a medal. It is also an introduction to the assessment/examination process and is a fun and exciting activity to participate in.

Some examples of the work are:

Pre-school Ballet – Entrance Runs – Fairies & Elves, Catching Stars, Pony Skips & Trots, Mermaids & Mermen, Rises & Sways with Ribbons & Scarves, Ballet Statues, Jumping Frogs etc.

Pre-school Tap – Ball Taps – searching for rabbits, double ball drops, Heel Digs, Which Way shall we Step?, Directional Movements – At the Beach, Brushes – Show me your Tap Plates, Runs on the Balls of the Feet – 3 Blind Mice and more.

Pre-school Jazz – Open Shut Them, Ticker Too, The Firefighter, Let’s Pump our Legs and Feet, Arm Pushes, Hip Wiggles, Kangaroo Jumps and Gallops etc.

All the syllabi comes with extensive written notes and accompanying music available on CD.