National Character

Primary – Advanced

The main aim of this syllabus is to introduce teachers and students to the wondrous and amazing culture and history of other countries through dance and music. The syllabus progresses systematically through each grade. It includes building blocks and strategies to teach correct technique and to assist in developing strength, control, knowledge, musicality and artistry. The music has been played by Mary Robinson, Graduate of the Queensland Conservatoire.

The Syllabus:

  • includes comprehensive teaching notes to introduce teachers and students to authentic steps from various countries with emphasis on technical awareness and placement
  • includes set enchainements and dances of many nationalities
  • incorporates partner and pattern work
  • is designed to technically develop students to individually reach their full potential, whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level
  • is designed to enhance and increase teachers’ and students’ knowledge of this amazing genre
  • includes barre, centre, enchainements and dances
  • includes gender specific enchainements
  • includes step variations for teacher’s own choreographic purposes.

The Syllabus was created by the National Character Core Committee, including teachers and examiners of A.T.O.D.

One of the Core Committee Members included Rhonda Sayer, former member of the Queensland Ballet Company. Rhonda was a dancer with the Margaret Walker’s Dance Concert Character Company and completed the Teacher’s Course in Character Dance. She co-founded the Australian Folkloric Inc. In 1971.

Rhonda performed in the First World Folkloric Festival in Munich, Germany, in 1983, and in Majorca, Spain, in 1985. She continues her involvement in Character Dance and is committed to passing on her knowledge to others.

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