Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre System of Training


This system of training will provide students with the knowledge of Vocal work, Dance and Drama which will then culminates in a performance of musical theatre.


Each level of training consists of four ‘ACTS”-

Act 1:   Vocal

Act 2:     Drama

Act 3:     Dance

Act 4:     Performance section- which combines all of the other three sections.

A Curtain Call completes each level.


Examinations can be taken in the genre and a report, certificate and medal will be awarded to the successful candidate.


The program is geared towards students aged 5 and upwards with the first level being a pre level called Entr’acte. This is followed by Levels 1 & 2 which were released by ATOD in 2017 with further levels 3 & 4 due for release in 2018. The first three levels are suitable for students of any age up to approximately 12 years.


ATOD provides resources to accompany the written syllabus in the form of a DVD and CD for the first three levels released. This will continue for all of the future levels up to and including Level 10. There is also a student handbook available with the program which details song lyrics and monologue and dialogue requirements. Theory will be added to the program for the students as of Level 3.


Teachers of the Musical Theatre system of training do not require any specific vocal training, particularly in the lower levels.


This is a well-constructed system of training which will add FUN and DYNAMICS to your dance program in your studio.


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