Jazz A & Jazz B


This syllabus is our foundation syllabus and is still in use today. Teachers particularly enjoy the preparatory grades which are well suited to younger students. There are instructional DVD’s and CD’s available to compliment this work.


This syllabus was commissioned in the early 1990’s and was created by Cyril Generoso. It has been regularly updated and is still largely in use today. This syllabus has been used to train many students who now enjoy professional careers on the world stage. The work is relevant and progresses systematically through each grade.

The Syllabus:

  • includes strategies outlining how to instruct students, with an emphasis on correct technique
  • assists in the understanding of body awareness, with an anatomical glossary & index included
  • incorporates, but is not limited to, stretches, floorwork, corner work, progressions, turns, kicks, jumps, isolations and dances
  • is designed to technically develop students to individually reach their full potential, whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level
  • is designed to enhance individual creativity with student choreography and improvisation included in major levels
  • includes teacher’s own choreography or the opportunity to use the set dances provided.

When choosing a jazz syllabus it would be advantageous to discuss your needs and the specific needs of your students with the Company Secretary.   This will assist in making the right choice for your school.