Probationary Membership - $180.00

There is no application process for Probationary Membership and the membership period commences upon receipt of completed membership form and fee (attached below). The Probationary membership is effective for 12 months and prior to the expiration of that period, you would be required to apply for Affiliate Membership to continue the benefits of ATOD membership.

What do Probationary Members receive for their membership?

  • Membership Card
  • Certificate confirming Financial Membership
  • The ability to enter students for examinations and competitions at all levels (scholarships not included)
  • The ability to attend State meetings, vote at State level, hold office at State level and participate as a member on sub committees
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • 20% discount to all ticketed events on display of membership card not transferrable
  • A comprehensive ATOD Teachers manual

Should successful application be made within or prior to the 12 months Probationary period expiring the fee already paid will be transferred over to the Affiliate Membership for the duration of the Probationary period.