Apply for Membership

Please forward your application by email to or by mail to ATOD LTD, PO Box 565, Waterford QLD 4133.

Affiliate Membership:

What to include:

  • ┬áCover letter
  • Your resume/CV
  • Copies of any Qualifications or Certificates you currently hold
  • One letter of recommendation from another person in the dance profession (this may be another teacher that knows you)

Probationary Membership:

Probationary membership may be helpful if you are currently completing your qualifications and wish to take advantage of ATOD systems of training in the mean time. Probationary membership is issued for one year and during that year you may purchase teaching resources, enter students for examinations and competitions and generally enjoy the benefits of ATOD membership. Prior to the expiry of your one year Probationary membership you will be required to apply for Affiliate membership. (see above).

Processing Time:

Applications are generally processed within a 2-5 day period. Applicants are advised of the outcome of their application by email.

Membership year is from January – December. Cost of both Affiliate and Probationary membership is $175.00 per year. New Member registration fee of $50.00 is payable, once only, at the time of initial membership. Pro-rata rate is available depending on time of year initial membership is commenced.

For further information please email or or
phone 1800-106-227 during office hours 9.30am – 2.30pm.