About Us

Mission Statement

ATOD are Leaders in the field of dance education. With the highest integrity we deliver quality, innovative training systems and services. We inspire and provide opportunities for our dance community to achieve their full artistic potential.

Vision Statement

Promote and manage growth and strategic change in a systematic manner for the organisation.

Remain a leader in the dance industry through developing a culture based on continuous improvement in syllabi content and implementation, teaching practice and ongoing professional development.Continue to increase the profile of ATOD within the industry as an organisation that delivers quality syllabi with a high technical standard, ensuring accountability of professional ethics and standards, reputation and technical excellence.

Encourage life long learning at all levels of the organisation by acknowledging and rewarding excellence in all aspects of the dance industry and provide performance and leadership opportunities.Through a collaborative approach, foster a commitment to a common goal by inspiring passion and sharing knowledge between all stakeholders within the organisation and broader dance community.